Winnoz - Blood Collecting Devices

Winnoz® is a biotech company focused on the Point of Care Testing platform technology (POCT).
Our vision is to be the family health steward of every customer.

With the POCT platform from blood collection, detection and big data analysis,
we enable more contribution for human health management for anyone, anywhere.

We believe that preventability is the key for a better health management as a family steward to make sure that healthcare resources could be accessible to everyone and everywhere.

In 2019, our patented technology –Haiim®, a unique blood collection device, obtained Taiwan FDA Class I Medical Device and got CE certified in 2020. Now, we collaborate with many worldwide distributors for global expansion and aim for US FDA cleared by 2021.

We also developed eGGi molecular detection system, a compact and robust instrument, which is based on isothermal DNA/RNA amplification method that can be used in airports, sport venues, pharmacies and workplaces.

In the future, we look to launch further products and services for health testing and risk assessment,
extending our expertise into the worlds of diet consultations, lifestyle coaching and much more.

Eventually we hope to offer a full POCT platform with our devices, and will use all of our technology in unison to become the family health steward for every customer.

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