Wiggens - Ultrasonic Cleaners

Wiggens was established in 2005 with the goal delivering the best laboratory equipment and service for reliable results, since then Wiggens has been producing top-quality general laboratory equipment, analysis apparatus and chemical reaction solutions. Our brand Wiggens stands for high quality, durability and remarkable performance. 
Wiggens is your reliable laboratory companion and provides products that can be used in different kinds of laboratory environments. The Wiggens product range includes:
* Rotary Evaporators
* Pumps
* Heating & Mixing units
* Incubator & Ovens
* Analysis Apparatus
* Gas Generator
* Chemical Reactors
ChemVak, the product brand of Wiggens, is specializing in vacuum technology offering an extensive range of vacuum pumps for all applications, including chemical-resistant diaphragm pumps oil-free pumps and rotary vane vacuum pumps, are complemented by vacuum filtration equipment for a wide range of different applications. In addition, solvent recovery systems and bio-suction systems are part of the product range. 
ChemTron is our product brand focus on analysis apparatus, gas generators and chemical reaction solutions, as well as efficient chemical separation tools-rotary evaporator.

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